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Back to School Plan
(Please check our website frequently for updates as things change on a daily basis)                       


What we are doing to keep our staff, students, and public informed about safety precautions


How we will keep track and support staff and students


What our plan will be to promote in-person learning


How we will ensure all students are monitored, provided outreach and given support


How to support your student(s) during Blended Learning


How we are adjusting to a new campus life experience


Answers to questions you probably have regarding our back to school plan

For Questions About:

Assignments, assessments, or resources for students? 

° Email the relevant teacher

° Child Internet Safety Resources

° Online Learning Resources

IEP/504 questions?

° Email care coordinator

Technology-related problem or issue? 

° Fill out Tech Support Form for Parents/Guardians and Students

Personal, academic or social-emotional concern for a student?

° Academy Principals and Counselors:

Freshman Academy

Academy Principal: Dona-Lei Yanagida

Counselor: Chris Bisho

Academy of Innovation

Academy Principal: Teresann Taua


Counselor: Jordan Yahata

Academy of Medical & Culinary

Academy Principal: Ryan Micale

Counselor: Summer Pasco-Cariaga

Academy of Arts & Business

Academy Principal: Kalama Pastor

Counselor: Nelson Maeda

Academy of Navigators

Academy Principal: Dona-Lei Yanagida

Academy Support: Steven Ing

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