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Families & Friends of Castle

Aloha Families and Friends of Castle,

We would like our students and parents to have a great experience while at Castle High School. Communication and awareness are a couple of areas that the Families and Friends of Castle (FFC) can assist our parents in achieving a great experience during their time at Castle.

Are you interested in any of the following?

  • To meet various representatives of the school. i.e. administration, advisors, etc.

  • To be able to ask questions about issues that concern you.

  • To be meet other parents in your child’s grade level

  • To support your child’s grade level class

  • To support the school by volunteering for an event, activity or project

  • To volunteer for Project Grad


What does FFC do for you?

  • To promote a partnership between parents, school and administration

  • To provide a venue for parents to receive information about their school

  • To provide a forum for parents to ask questions and voice their opinions

  • To provide financial and volunteer support the school


How can you help the FFC?

  • Donate to the FFC

    • Write a check payable to “Families and Friends of Castle”

      • Mail check to: Castle High School – Box 109; 45-386 Kaneohe Bay Drive; Kaneohe HI 96744

      • Bring check to a FFC meeting or event

        • Note: Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

        • Note: all funds are used to support Castle High School

  • Attend the monthly FFC meetings

    • We normally meet on the First Monday of each month

    • We meet at the Castle Library at 6pm and normally end within the hour

    • Check weekly e-bulletins or Knightly Newsletter for meeting dates and times.

  • Volunteer for an FFC event or your child’s grade level committee

FFC 2020-21 Family Membership Form


Mahalo for your support and we look forward to seeing you!

Wayne Iseri, FFC President

Families & Friends of Castle

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