Aloha 2022 Seniors and their ‘Ohana,

We look forward to the 2021 – 2022 school year being an awesome year for you. There are many activities that will happen in your Senior year and we hope that you take advantage of participating in these activities.

The biggest event in your Senior year will be your graduation ceremony. This will require your participation and support from your parents and ‘Ohana’. Students, please contact your grad level advisor. Parents, please attend our FFC monthly meetings to get updates on the Senior class or join the Class of 2022 Parent Support Team.


We have not had a Project Graduation (PG) for the past 2 years at Castle due to COVID-19 but hope that we will be able to have one this school year. In anticipation of having a PG event, we need your help and we need it now. We are looking for parents, students, family members, community members, etc. to help us with this event. It takes almost a year of planning and coordination so now is the time to volunteer. FFC is coordinating an advisory group to help you get PG up-and-running again.


Please contact Kathy Martin for FFC meeting dates and to volunteer for PG.


Best wishes this school year and we look forward to seeing you!
Wayne Iseri, FFC President

Project Grad Chair



Project Grad