Health Room

The Health Room is located on the first floor of the FF building.

Ms. Iadarola is available to help students with first aid and a place to rest for illness or injury. Parents are asked to pick up the student in some instances or provide a doctor's note for return to school.
When you come pick up your student, please provide a photo ID. If the student has a Hawaii Keiki Consent form signed, Ms. Iadarola can refer students for basic medical care.
Ms. DeConto is located in the health room, and is available most days of the week to provide no-cost medical services to students at the school. Services available include diagnosis, prescriptions, asthma care, and laboratory. For more information, please visit our website https://nursing.hawaii.edu/hawaii-keiki/

Castle High School has added a Hawai‘i Keiki advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) to your school health room to work with the School Health Assistant (SHA) in supporting your child’s health and education. Our APRN is located in the health room on campus. Please fill out the student consent form and return them to the office or advisory teacher.

Contact Information

Jessica Iadarola 
Health Assistant
Room: FF Wkrm
Phone: 305-0803
Email: iadarolaj@knights.k12.hi.us
Courtney DeConto
Nurse Practitioner
Room: FF Wkrm
Phone: 305-0862
Email: jacquetl@knights.k12.hi.us


Health Hotline & Telehealth Services

Free for DOE students

(844) 436-3888 (toll free)

Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., excluding holidays