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Attendance Policy

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Attendance Procedures


All students are expected to attend school regularly and to be on time for scheduled Face to Face (FTF) and Synchronous classes. Attendance will be taken daily. The following reminders should serve as a guide for attendance procedures.


  • Students are expected to check in with their teachers according to their cohort schedule (Maroon, Gold, Distance Learners).  

    • Students should be aware that attendance is tracked daily using the following methods:

      • During Maroon/Gold synchronous meetings, students will need to attend the class session to be marked present.

      • During the days when students are learning remotely they are marked “present”. 

      • Distance Learners will be marked “present” daily. 


The Attendance office opens at 7:45am daily.  The telephone number is 305-0792.


  • Parents are to notify the Attendance Clerk in cases of legitimate absences by a telephone call during the absence or by a written note within two days upon the student’s return to school. 

  • An absence without a parent note within TWO (2) SCHOOL DAYS of the student’s return to campus will be regarded as an unexcused absence. 

  • Excused or unexcused absences will be determined by the school according to Rule 4160.1

  • Any absence for more than FOUR (4) SCHOOL DAYS requires a note from the doctor/dentist/court.

  • Parents are welcome to call the attendance office for an attendance clerk. 


When students return for Face to Face instruction these are the procedures for Student Release from the Health or Front Office


  • Daily Off-Campus passes will be issued through the Front Office.  

  • Student will be released only to a parent/guardian listed on the emergency card at the front office and health room.

  • Parent/Guardian must present a picture ID.

  • If the parent/guardian is unable to pick the student up, another named adult may pick the student up with parent permission and a picture ID. 

  • Student will be allowed to drive home with parent/guardian permission.

  • Student will be allowed to walk home with parent/guardian permission. 


Castle High School's full attendance policy can be found here.


Please assist the school in the completion of emergency cards that will be issued to your child during the first week of school.  If your child becomes ill or injured during school, he/she can be released only with your permission.  To assure prompt attention in case of an emergency, notify the school of any changes in telephone numbers and/or addresses throughout the school year. Be sure to list any medical concerns or problems that your child may have. Complete the electronic form and submit online.