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CHS Scholar's Hubs

The purpose of CHS Scholar's hubs are to provide a quiet space for students to work and receive additional support. Students will be invited to the Scholar's hub based on criteria from each respective academy. Prior to accessing campus students must complete a wellness screening at the station. THe wellness check station is open from ​7:20am - 7:55am​ or from ​11:00am-11:45am​ at the main gate. Students must pass the wellness screening or they will not be allowed to enter campus.

Academy Scholar's Hubs

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CHS Academy Logos - Medical VP.png

REQUIRED​ for safety purposes and must be worn at all times while on campus:

• Face mask (no valve, bandana, or gator style masks)
• Student ID
• Wristband (given to students after completing the wellness check)

REQUIRED​ for instructional purposes:

• Chromebook & Charger
• Headphones


• Water bottle (filling stations available, water fountains closed)

• Light snack/lunch (students may purchase school lunch)

Students may only leave the classroom with teacher permission and a hall pass to use the bathroom. We are trying to minimize students roaming around the halls as much as possible. These in person, on campus meetings will be arranged for 2 week increments. After the 2 weeks are up, the counselor and teacher will meet to discuss if further in person meetings are required.

Students are expected to follow all school behavioral policies and additional COVID-19 guidelines. Failure to comply may result in dismissal from in person instruction/learning hub. Due to the limited space and number of seats; if students choose to not attend their seat may be offered to other students for additional help.

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