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School Policies and Information > Cell Phone/Electronics Policy



Castle High School is a one-to-one G Suite for Education School.  Cell phones and electronic equipment (e.g. gaming devices) are considered contraband items and their use is prohibited during class time. 


During the School Day:

  1. Cell phones are to be turned off during instructional time and kept in the student’s backpack or locker. At no time is it to be exposed or visible during class.

  2. Parents should call the school at (808) 305-0700 for any emergency situation and the school will contact/notify the student.

  3. EVERY CLASSROOM and office on campus has a phone.  If students need to contact parents due to an emergency, arrangements can be made.

  4. The school will not be responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen cell phones or other electronic devices.


Cyberbullying, (Chapter 19, Class A offense) means electronically transmitted acts, including but not limited to those transmitted through the Internet, cellphone, or other wireless hand-held device initiated by one student toward another student or employee of the department that hurts, harms, humiliated, or intimidates the student or employee; and is sufficiently severe, persistent or pervasive, that it creates an intimidating threatening, or abusive educational environment. 


Cyberbullying can occur:

  1. On campus, or other department premises, on department transportation, or during a department sponsored activity or event on or off school property. 

  2. Through a department data system without department authorized communication; or

  3. Through an off campus network, if the conduct impacts the educational environment. 


Additionally, cyberbullying mya also be based on a person’s protected class, including but not limited to, a person’s race, color, origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, physical appearance and characteristics, and socio-economic status. 



  1. First incident – Cell phone will be immediately confiscated and returned AFTER DETENTION IS SERVED AFTER SCHOOL.  Parent may be contacted.

  2. Second incident – Cell phone will be immediately confiscated and RETURNED ONLY TO THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN.  Parent meeting.

  3. Third incident and beyond – Progressive disciplinary action.

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