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Personal Transition Plan (PTP) Portfolio

The Personal Transition Plan (PTP) is a ½ credit graduation requirement.  All students must earn the ½ credit in order to graduate and receive their diploma. The  ½ credit should be earned by the first semester of the student's senior year. How do students earn the ½ credit?  They create a portfolio in their Advisory class over the course of three and a half years!

What's the Purpose of This Portfolio?
The purpose is to present yourself to potential employers, post-secondary education representatives, and/or military recruiters.  These people will be able to learn about you through reading your personal statement, and looking at your resume and cover letter. For this purpose, these items in your portfolio must be typed, clean, and look organized and professional. Other documents in your portfolio may be of interest to different post-secondary institutions to gain a better insight into who you are.  These may be your community service documentation, test scores, and your reflections to various works. Graduates have commented on how they have used the documents in their PTP Portfolio as resources to create similar documents for college and/or career ventures.  Furthermore, the skills learned in creating the PTP Portfolio in a digital format has helped graduates in a world where digital portfolios are becoming the norm.

Personal Transition Plan (PTP) Portfolio Resources

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