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Knights occupied a special place in European history and literature. When people today hear the word "knight," many think of the days of King Arthur, Camelot and his famous Knights of the Round Table, when CHARACTER, COMMITMENT AND COMPETENCE were valued above all else. You are now a Castle High School KNIGHT and therefore expected to conduct yourselves accordingly. 

College and Career Resource Center


The resource center is located in Room 38 - behind the main office – and is open Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 3:30pm. We are here to assist you with:


* 2 & 4-year College awareness/choices

* S.A.T. / A.C.T. sign up and information

* Job options – applications, and work permits, and Military & Trades Apprenticeship Programs.



The Commencement is a traditional, formal school ceremony for conferring diplomas and certificates of completion to students who fulfill graduation requirements by May 25, 2019. It is the school’s way of honoring each student who has completed all academic requirements for graduation, has demonstrated “Knight Pride” (character, competence, commitment), and has met all of his or her financial obligations to the school. More info >>>

PTP - Senior Portfolio

The Personal Transition Plan (PTP) is a ½ credit graduation requirement. All students must earn the ½ credit in order to graduate and receive their diploma. How do students earn the ½ credit? They create a portfolio in their Advisory class over the course of four years!


The student’s final portfolio must be submitted by the designated deadline during the Senior year.  A team of faculty members (NOT YOUR PTP ADVISOR) will review and evaluate each portfolio.  You will be notified at the beginning of Quarter 3 if you have met proficiency or not.  If your portfolio does not meet proficiency and/or requirements are missing, you will have three days to improve your portfolio to meet proficiency.  If after the second deadline your portfolio still does not meet proficiency, then you will need to attend a credit recovery class to work on your portfolio to meet proficiency and ultimately earn the required half credit. More info >>> 

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