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Study Hall Procedures


(Bright yellow pass)


B-Day Study Hall -  Advisory class

C-Day Study Hall -  Period 7 class

D-Day Study Hall - Advisory class


Students are allowed to see a teacher of choice during B-Day’s and C-Day’s study hall periods.  Students need to request a preassigned Study Hall pass from the teacher he/she would like to attend study hall with prior to homeroom that morning.  


A student reports to study hall for attendance (Advisory class on B-Days, period 7 on C-Days), then is excused with the study hall pass to see the teacher of choice.  The student returns to study hall before the ending period bell rings.


On D-Days, students are not allowed to see another teacher during study hall.  Students are to remain in their Advisory classes and use the time to independently complete work.


Study Hall is mandatory, just like a regular class.  The attendance policy (and its consequences) also applies to study hall period.