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Medical Pathway

Program Benefits

Castle High Schools Medical Academy is a 3 year integrated pathway of  courses. The program enables students to explore careers in the health care field and post-secondary training. Students will learn basic skills needed for entry level jobs in the health care industry along with team building and  job seeking skills.

  • Health Screening Skill Development 

  • Peer Mentoring

  • Guest Speakers 

  • Excursions

  • Integrated Projects 

  • Tutoring

  • Computer labs 

  • HOSA

  • CPR/ First Aid  training​

Pathway of Courses:

10th Grade  

  Health Services Core

11th Grade

Clinical Health

Human Physiology

12th Grade  

Directed Studies Health Services

Recommended Courses

Medical Biotechnology

AP Courses



Algebra 2

E Ola Pono

E Ola Pono is a program with in the Medical Academy, funded by a grant from Alu Like Inc. The objective of E Ola Pono is to prepare Native Hawaiian students for entry level jobs, post- secondary education or training in the health care industry. 

Health Services Core

  • Introduction to Being a Health Care Worker

  • Medical Ethics and Law

  • Meeting Your Needs and the Needs of Others

  • Effective Communication

  • Medical Terminology

  • Medical Math

  • Body Systems

  • Measuring Vital Signs

  • Controlling Infection

  • Patient and Employee Safety

Clinical Health

  • Body Systems: Function, components, diseases, disorders, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

  • Clinical Health Professionals

  • Decision Making

  • Infection Control

  • Body Mechanics

  • Medical Math

  • Medical Terminology

  • First aid

  • CPR

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

Directed Studies Health Services

  • College/Career Portfolio     

  • Community Service Project

  • Career Shadowing

  • Internship

  • First Aid/CPR Certification

  • HIPAA Certification


Excursions to Post secondary schools and Health Care Facilities such as: KCC, Straub Hospital. 


Future Health Professionals

Blood Drives

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