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School Policies and Information > Guidance on Supports for Transgender Students

Guidance on Supports for Transgender Students

This guidance provides assistance regarding common issues of concern that need to be addressed to provide appropriate supports for transgender students and the school community. These guidelines are designed to provide basic direction for schools. They will not cover every situation that arises. The intent is to provide immediate guidance for schools to create a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students and to provide school officials with awareness of best practices to address situations as they arise.

As schools begin to develop and employ supports for transgender students, there will be a period of adjustment for faculty, staff, students, and parents. Schools should make counselors and administrators available to discuss any concerns that a student may have and should work as a school community toward education and raising awareness of the reasons for these guidelines while protecting the privacy and confidentiality of each individual transgender student.

If you have questions, require additional information, or identify situations that require additional case-by-case consideration, please contact Beth Schimmelfennig, Acting Director of the Civil Rights Compliance Office or Nicole Isa-Iijima, Title IX Specialist at (80) 586-3322.


Guidance on Supports for Transgender Students

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