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Fire Inspection Memo

Aloha Castle Faculty:

Please read the following information regarding facilities to help start off our school year smoothly.

As you are settling into your classroom, please check all cabinets, drawers, and closets for any unwanted chemicals, cleaners, etc....  Faculty are still finding chemicals that are not allowed in regular school trash.

Please email Cory at and cc me (Vice Principal Rezentes) and our Head Custodian (Warren Kanei-Wong) to let us know what you have.  Cory will accept the items even if the item is not in it's original container, not labeled, and/or is in a juice jug.
Please let Cory know what you have no later than Aug. 12 so that she may have time to inventory those items.

Be careful of buying or accepting free paint.  Paint is very difficult to get rid of as we are not allowed to just throw it in our regular trash, nor are we allowed to place on hazard disposal request.  The custodians end up having to pour out and
dry the paint, which is methodically slow!

The large bins located in the Cafeteria parking lot and the Auto Shop are for specific disposal items.  Such items as metals, wood, plastics, paper, and school furniture.  If you have an items for disposal, please notify Cory DeJesus and Head Custodian (Warren Kanei-Wong ph. 305-0801) so that they can confirm the item(s) are suitable to place in the bin.  

The following items ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE BIN:
-Hazardous  chemicals,
-Batteries, and
If the disposal driver sees an item in the bin that is not allowed, they may refuse to take our bin. Again, if you are not sure, please let us know.
Last week, someone placed a TV in the bin and we had to remove it.  

The Department of Education is required by State & Federal law to conduct asbestos inspections and sampling at all schools statewide every three years. This year, the contract has been awarded to EnvironMETeo Services (EMET).
EMET will be conducting their inspections/sampling on our campus on Monday, August 22, 2016, and may be entering your classroom or office. Disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

While driving through parking lots, please be mindful of all pedestrians. Students and campus visitors tend to be focused on finding where they need to get to, and may not always pay attention to vehicular traffic.
We have had some close calls; especially in the Library parking lot.

The Pre-Fire Inspection to prepare us for the official HFD inspection will be conducted by Cory on September 13 & 14.

All major appliances, such as Refrigerators and Microwaves, must be plugged directly into the wall outlets, and NOT into powerstrips. Powerstrips must be plugged directly into wall outlets and are not allowed to be plugged into another powerstrip, as that is called daisy-chaining and is a fire violation.

Just one violation will fail the entire campus. When the newspaper publishes the names of schools who fail their fire inspection, it gives the public the perception that our school is not safe, and that is not the case. Please use the attached Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist to assist your preparation.
Classroom intrusion shall be kept to a minimum.

 (See attached file: FIRE INSPECTION CHECKLIST  without SIGNATURE.docx)

** Fire Inspection Checklist **

Mahalo Nui for all that you do for our students and our school!


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