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DOE Compliance Videos

Bloodborne Pathogens

Child Abuse Reporting

These videos are part of the DOE Compliance Expectations. You must watch them and you will be required to sign a declaration sheet stating that you did so. Please watch all of the following videos:

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens

  2. Child Abuse Reporting

  3. FERPA

  4. Fire Extinguisher

  5. Hazard Communication

  6. School Communities

  7. Special Education Referrals

  8. Workplace Violence

  9. Tsunami Awareness

  10. Restraints & Seclusions

  11. Click here to watch Code of Conduct Video


Please use the link below to access all EES documents and video.

Educator Effectiveness Systems (EES)

DOE Compliance Expectations Mandatory Videos

FERPA starting at 1:12:33

Fire Extinguisher

Hazard Communication

School Communities

Special Education Referrals

Workplace Violence

Tsunami Awareness

Restraint and Seclusion Guidelines

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