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Distance Learning Expectations and Agreements

CHS will offer a distance learning plan beginning January 6, 2021. This plan will allow the student to remain enrolled in Castle High School, access technology that is available to all students in the school, complete coursework that is aligned to Hawaii Common Core State Standards, receive grades, and check out chromebooks free of charge if needed.


  • Students must be registered to participate in distance learning by November 30, 2020.

  • All digital resources are accessed through each student’s Google account. Google Classroom will be used as the learning management tool. If the school requests, parents and/or legal guardians will arrange to pick up and drop off work and resources.

  • Assignments will post throughout the day based on the student’s schedule. Students may be required to complete and submit assignments in a variety of ways, including submitting photos or videos of completed tasks.  Technical assistance will be available for this process as needed. While several hours will need to be devoted to virtual learning each day, most instruction and work can be completed on a flexible schedule.

  • Students will be required to participate via an online platform. Most work will be done asynchronously

  • Grades generated by the work completed will be posted in Infinite Campus and will become a part of the student’s academic record. 

  • Technical support, tutoring support, and general program support will be provided and can be requested by emailing the assigned teacher or the CHS technology coordinator. 

  • Students will need to turn in a TRUF form and Student Publication form in order to participate in online coursework. 

  • Parents and/or legal guardians will sign a chromebook agreement to accept financial responsibility for the assigned device for SY 20-21.

  • Students must remain in the distance learning cohort until the end of the grading period, at which time parents will be given the opportunity to place their student in the regular school setting. Grading period ends in March. 

  • Students will be presumed "Present" for attendance.

  • Students who are registered for distance learning will still be eligible for meal pick-ups.

  • Parents and/or legal guardians will be responsible to ensure their child is following the school schedule and logging into daily lessons.

  • Parents and/or legal guardians will ensure their child meets all timelines for turning in work.

  • Parents and/or legal guardians will work with the school to ensure their child is available for any required assessments, as needed by the school.

  • Parents and/or legal guardians understand that if their child fails to make satisfactory progress in a distance learning program, they will have to choose between returning to school or homeschooling of their child.

  • Parents and/or legal guardians understand that if their child is a child with a disability, when the school environment is determined by their child’s IEP to be the least restrictive environment (LRE) for learning for their child, by choosing distance learning in the home environment, parents and/or legal guardians fully understand that the school may not be able to fully implement their child's IEP and/or their child’s LRE. Under the circumstances, an Alternative Learning Plan will be developed for the home environment. 

  • Parents and/or legal guardians understand that schools will provide for the English language development supports necessary to serve students who are identified as English Learners to equitably access school. 


CHS Distance Learning  Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a cost for my child to do distance learning?

No, there is no charge to enroll in distance learning with Castle High School.


Will students be provided with a device on which they can participate in distance learning? 

Yes, students will have the opportunity to check out a chromebook.

Can distance learning students participate in school extracurricular activities/ clubs for social skills? 

This decision will be made on a case by case basis in coordination with the CHS staff and will be dependent on the requested activity.  Students must contact their Academy Principal (AP) to request to participate and the AP will work with the extracurricular, club, athletics personnel to ensure families have the information required to participate.

What if students start school on the virtual platform and decide they want to return physically to school? 

Students enrolled in distance learning will have the opportunity to return to school in October, January, and March at the beginning of each grading period.       


What if a student chooses to attend school physically, but the need arises for him or her to transition to distance learning?

Should the need arise due to a COVID diagnosis or exposure, students will be permitted to transition to distance learning.


Will students choosing distance learning have set times that they will have to be logged in to the virtual platform?  

Only occasionally - Virtual students and virtual teachers can access the virtual courses and participate at various times and need not be online simultaneously. We are not a synchronous virtual school with virtual students and virtual teachers logging into the virtual course and interacting at the same time. Even though our program is mostly asynchronous in nature, we plan to offer some synchronistic lessons, activities, and tutoring opportunities.  The majority of the work can be completed on a flexible schedule.  


Will there be teachers available to support and assist students who choose distance learning? 

There will be teachers available to assist students who choose distance learning.  Teachers will make every attempt to respond as needed by students, but return communication may, in some cases, be the following school day.


How will tests be given? Will they be virtual or given at the school in a proctored situation?

They will be given virtually.  Details of the format will depend on the teacher, subject, and grade level.

Will distance learning students be using physical textbooks? 

We anticipate some classes will be using textbooks, but most classroom material will be online. School materials will need to be picked up at the library.

Will students need to have a home printer? Scanner? Or will printed materials be available for pick up at school? 

Students will not need a printer or scanner.  Printed materials will only be available for pick-up in extreme situations.

How will attendance be recorded for virtual learning? Will there be truancy guidelines? Will there be a protocol for when virtual students are sick? 

Students will be presumed "Present" for attendance.​ Parents of students who do not complete their work for three days  will be contacted by the academy counselor. 


We have an only child. Will there be online discussion/group interactions opportunities for virtual learning for social skills? 

Teachers may plan group interactions as well as individual/group appointments via Google Meets.    


FAQ's will be added to frequently so please check back for additional information.

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