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Back to School Plan

(Please check our website frequently for updates as things change on a daily basis)                     Updated July 17, 2020

STATUS CHANGE: Full Distance Learning will be implemented for all students until September 14. 


Welcome to the CHS Back to School website. For SY 2020-2021, Castle High School will implement a new two-day rotation model and schedule to reduce the number of students at school by 50% because of new health and safety requirements. Students will attend school in person twice a week to comply with social distancing requirements. This model blends face to face instruction in school with online distance learning at home. CHS is also offering a Distance Learning Option for parents that do not wish to send their child to school due to COVID-19. The Distance Learning option is an education delivery model that solely utilizes online or remote interaction between teachers and students.

The deadline to designate distance learning as the preferred learning model is Friday, August 7, 2020 (Updated Date). If you do not complete this form opting in to distance learning, we look forward to seeing you in our A/B Two Day Rotation Learning Model. 

CHS Distance Learning Expectations and Agreements (Please read before completing the Distance Learning form.)

Please click the button below to enroll in Distance Learning with CHS for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are not going to enroll in full distance learning, you do not have to fill out the form.

Current Impact Level: Act with Care (Minor Disruption)


Act with Care:

Distance learning will continue. Face-to-face instruction is provided for vulnerable learners and early grade levels (K-2; SPED PreK) in compliance with CDC and DOH guidelines. Face-to-face is allowable for all other students.


What we are doing to keep our staff, students, and public informed about safety precautions


How we will keep track and support staff and students


What our plan will be to promote in-person learning


How we will ensure all students are monitored, provided outreach and given support


How to support your student(s) during Blended Learning


How we are adjusting to a new campus life experience


Answers to questions you probably have regarding our back to school plan


How will CHS communicate with parents, students, and faculty/staff during the extended school closure?

CHS will continue to use the same platforms it employs for day to day communications with parents, students, and faculty/staff. All of these systems are remotely accessible and will function in an emergency situation.

Faculty, Staff, Students,



Email will be used for all major communications and announcements, including those from the Principal. Faculty will also use the email to communicate, although they will use other platforms to interact with students.

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Faculty, Staff, Students,


The Learning Management System (LMS)

All lessons, materials, and assignments housed in a single location.

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High School Students

Google GSuite (including Gmail, Docs, Classroom, etc. will continue to be the platform used by teachers.

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High School Students

Google Meet is an online video conferencing platform that is fully integrated with Google GSuite. Google Meet can be used for live group meetings.

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General Public

CHS will maintain general information on its closure status for the public at

Principal Tyrell's

Parent Letters

Assignments, assessments, or resources for students? 

° Email the relevant teacher

° Child Internet Safety Resources

° Online Learning Resources

IEP/504 questions?

° Email care coordinator

Technology-related problem or issue? 

° Fill out Tech Support Form for Parents/Guardians and Students

Personal, academic or social-emotional concern for a student?

° Academy Principals and Counselors:

Freshman Academy

Academy Principal: Noah Tagatauli

Counselor: Chris Bisho

Academy of Innovation

Academy Principal: Teresann Taua


Counselor: Summer Pasco-Cariaga


Counselor: Jordan Yahata

Academy of Medical & Culinary

Academy Principal: Ryan Micale

Counselor: Jordan Gross

Academy of Arts & Business

Academy Principal: Barry Harris

Counselor: Nelson Maeda

Academy of Navigators

Academy Principal: Noah Tagatauli

Academy Support: Steven Ing

For Questions About:

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